About Us

We are TIMS Foundation

TIMS Foundation is an independent private philanthropic foundation that seeks to improve the quality of life in Africa by investing in health, education, economic opportunity and community vitality.

TIMS Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of human life.

Programs that enrich the community, help people and promote excellence are considered to be of prime importance. The Foundation views its primary function as that of a catalyst. It seeks to be responsive to programs that are innovative, yet strive to create permanent solutions to community needs in the African communities.

  • Charity For Education
  • Home for homeless
  • Feed for hungry child
  • Clean water for people

Our Mission

The Tims Foundation mission statement is to improve and enhance the quality of human life


All communities giving and working together in prosperity


  • Improve the quality of life for disabled people and old age people
  • Improve the quality of life for orphanages
  • Education and development activities
  • Communities outreach and community based service interventions
  • Health care activities